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The Heart of Texas Movie

An Amazing True Story

Give the Gift of Joy!

By Bobby Dean, 11/13/2010 - 23:00

It's amazing how one life has inspired so many!  Now this story can continue to make a difference for your church or ministry.  

To help others experience this powerful story, we are introducing the "Share Joy" project.  It's an easy way for your organization to partner with us as we share the joy of God.

5 ways to share joy this Christmas...

Find out how to have a showing at your church or local theater.

  • GIFT OF JOY:  Purchase bulk quantities of the film as gifts for teachers, public servants, co-workers, employees, and ministry volunteers.  

      Idea... As you share the film, write a note to share your faith during this Christmas season.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA MINISTRY: Use our promotional materials (website & email templates, Facebook scripts, and videos) to encourage your network to purchase The Heart of Texas for personal use and gift giving.  We'll handle all of the details and your organization will receive 50% of the proceeds.
  • FUNDRAISING with a FILM: Host a church movie night - and allow proceeds to benefit youth groups, missions trips, etc.  We provide promotional materials for the church screening and DVDs to sell at the movie night.

Find out how to order in volume and help spread the word about The Heart of Texas.

  • DISTRIBUTE THE HEART OF TEXAS:  Does your church have a bookstore?  Do you sell products from your website?    Stock your store with this film.
  • PREACH IT:  Many churches have used this film and video segments for sermons and series' on forgiveness and the power of God.

The Share Joy Project makes it easy for you to partner with us in spreading the amazing story of The Heart of Texas.

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