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The Heart of Texas Movie

An Amazing True Story

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To call this a “movie” is an insult to this magnificent story! No movie, on a contemporary practical level, has come close to generating a comparable impact. It deserves a new category all its own. After viewing it, nearly 24 hours later I’m still stunned as to the power of love from which forgiveness originates. May this story be told and seen throughout the world who desperately needs to know! Dale - Sacramento, CA

If only Hollywood could turn out real deep heartfelt movies like this! I am a big tough construction worker who never cries and who has three daughters. I cried like a baby. Came out of the theater and bought ten copies to give away. America needs movies like this. Robert - Houston TX

What a story, I was drained afterwards. I went home, held my kids and reflected on what I just saw. God is great and I am so blessed!! Thanks for sharing such a story. Jim - Katy, TX

Everyone needs to see this movie! It will change the way you think
forever! Awesome! Denise - Houston, TX

This movie was a very powerful, warm, up lifting experience for my soul.
Sandra - Fulshear TX

My husband purchased this movie and we watched it together last night; this has to be the most amazing true-story that I have ever come across...Ellen - Santa Fe, TX

What a watershed production!  This story cuts to the core of what is necessary for real communication to exist between all peoples.  A simple act of forgiveness, repeated over and over again, will set us all free to really live our lives and see the actions of others for what they are.  This film revealed to me that the emotional baggage and hurt that I've carried around for years is easily disposed of if I choose to do that.  Thank you for creating this DVD to share this story with others.  I am buying a copy as a gift for each of my family members and will share it with anyone else who cares to hear the message. Jim - Cypress, TX

What a remarkable story of forgiveness and hope. There are not many movies that give us an opportunity to learn something this powerful.
Reggie - Friendswood, TX

I literally froze in disbelief. Diane - Houston, TX

This was the most inspirational story I have ever heard in modern times. Terri - Tomball, TX

My heart is still racing. The clear meaning and feelings that came over me when I realized what forgiving really meant, could only be described as priceless. Tumarrow - Richmond, TX

It left us with tears, happy tears of course. Doris - Sac City, Iowa

It had such a profound affect on me that I have purchased quite a few more to pass out to others that I know will be helped and healed from this remarkable production. Marti - Houston, TX

What an inspritiational movie! Kathy - Klein, TX

If you see it once, you'll want as many people as possible to see it also, it's that powerful! It will change your perspective towards those suffering from grief and remorse and move you to act in their behalf. Thank you for producing this exceptional film. Kevin - Ontario, NY

My wife and I along with my 16 year old son sat down to watch The Heart of Texas. When it finished my wife and I sat stunned and in awe. I looked over at my teenage son and realized he had been as touched by this story as we were. Everyone you know needs to see this movie - everyone. I am ordering 10 copies tonight for a start. Hollywood has nothing to compare to this story. Mark - Brenham,TX

What a GREAT movie! Not only a powerful, powerful message... but beautiful photography and music. Touched all our hearts, and we plan to buy more for family members. Lisa - Sugar Land, TX

What a tremendous blessing this movie is!  Thank you for making this movie. I enjoyed the bonus material so much I wanted to hear more stories. It is so encouraging to witness someone being obedient to God's call to extravagant love in such an unlikely circumstance. I believe many people will be helped to grieve their losses in a healthy way from the testimonies in the movie. There will no doubt be many new stories to come from people who will be set free from anger and bitterness after God's Spirit reveals healing through the message in The Heart of Texas movie.Lynette - Dora, Alabama

This is the most beneficial documentary I have ever viewed. What an encouraging and inspirational story!! I can’t wait to share this story with family, friends or anyone God sends my way. Bruce - Yoakum, Texas

I have personally ordered 30 copies to share this story with people.
It is truly an amazing story! John - Houston, TX

I have know of this story for years now. I was prepared to see the movie knowing the story. I was shocked at how it tore into my heart! Get this movie! Share it with everyone you know. It is a testament to real redemption and grace for which our world groans! Jim - Tomball, TX

I did not think this type of forgiveness was possible on a human level. Thank God for the Norwood family, they taught us all a lesson that America needs desperately. This is a must see; it has changed my life and I know it will change yours. John - Brandon, MS

WOW! I was simply left speechless after watching Heart of Texas! I can honestly say my life will never be the same. I was so touched by your documentary that I decided to host a movie night for my church. As I watched my group during the movie I knew no one would leave that night the same way they came in... even a few of the men were in tears! This true story will change the hearts of many! Cindy - Arlington, TX

One of the most powerful movies I have ever seen! After viewing this true story and perfect demonstration of God's forgiveness for us, I immediately ordered it for our church library. A must see for everyone!Casey - Memphis, TN

I was in awe of the power of the divine gift of forgiveness in such tragic circumstances. It takes a supernatural strength to rise above the natural feelings of anger and revenge to that of love and forgiveness. This story shows that there is a God of heaven who can comfort you when such a tragedy comes our way. Franklin - Savannah, TN

This movie is life changing, powerful and magnificent! It really has changed my life! Kathleen - Sealy, TX

This is without a doubt, one of the most inspirational movies I have ever had the pleasure to experience. I would love to share it with everyone I love. I really was not sure what to expect. I just knew if Dan Patrick was recommending the movie - it must be good. Thank you and God bless to everyone involved in putting this together for us. Margaret - Tomball, TX

I recently saw the movie on a men's retreat. It rocked my world! I ordered the DVD and showed it to my small group from church and there wasn't a dry eye in the room. What a blessing it is to see you share this story of unworldly love. Scott - Denton, TX

I'd want as many people as possible to see Heart of Texas. It's an attitude changer and a life changer. Thanks again for making it. Celia - Houston, TX

Thank you for the amazing movie that was produced. Beautiful and touching story. I think everyone should watch it. Larissa - Tomball, TX

I saw the movie and have told everyone I know about it. The movie was great and is truly an amazing story that has changed the way I look at forgiveness. Jackie - Katy, TX

The best documentary in a decade! Smantha - Katy, TX

We loved this movie and bought it for our friends and church to watch. Ellen - Santa Fe, TX

This movie is pure forgiveness and beautifully made. M Nicole - TX

Not only did I see the movie, I bought 5 copies so that I could give 4 as gifts. If your family hasn't seen this movie, you need to.Adam - Plantersville, TX

I was moved to tears at the simple beauty of this story. The cinematography was clean, elegant, and beautiful; the narrative dialogue was easy to follow and direct; the pace was relaxing and peaceful; but, above all, the story was a true inspiration - a non-preachy, relevant, example of forgiveness in action. Thank you for this wonderful story...the Lord is already putting it on my heart to share this with a larger audience. Danna - Castle Rock, CO

After watching it, my wife and I could only look at each other and say "WOW!" I have now ordered some copies to spread around. Thank you for this wonderful inspiration. Jeff - Richmond, TX

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